GENERALI Casting Tapes European Selects

2. ‘How about Red? Red is fired up’

Male Jivers

Female Jivers

3. ‘How about Red? Red is fired up’ (2)


4. ‘Gets things done’ (Colosseum)

Mediterranean Father

Mediterranean Female Kid

4. ‘Get things done’ (Transformers)

ALT. Mediterranean Mum

ALT. Mediterranean Girls

ALT. Mediterranean Boys

5. ‘Stands by you’

Male Adult Mediterranean 

Mediterranean Boy

6. ‘Red knows what makes you tick’

Male Adult Mediterranean 

Female Adult Mediterranean 

7. ‘Removes what drives you crazy’

Mediterranean Female (cafe owner)

8. ‘Red gives relevant ongoing advice’

Fiat 500 Guy



9. ‘Red burns bright’

Female Mediterranean Pedestrian

Mediterranean Male Pedestrian

Mediterranean Kid


ALT. African Male Pedestrian



ALT. African Female Pedestrian





ALT. African Kid


10. ‘Red is there for the highs’ (Companion)




Straight couple 



10. Red is there for the highs (business couple)



Male Mediterranean




Female Mediterranean 



11. Red is 189 years wise






Male Med Agents